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What we believe is the core of who we are.
Below are 5 simple points of our belief system.
1. That the most important decision one ever makes over the course of their lifetime is one’s personal faith and daily living experience with Jesus Christ;
2. That the most important privilege of being a Christ-follower is to worship God in spirit and in truth;
3. That the Bible is civilization’s only infallible moral compass; God‘s inspired and authoritative foundation for Christian doctrine; benefiting humankind with correct beliefs, healthy behaviors and best practices for pursuing right relationships and unique powerful purpose;
4. That God does more than merely forgive human sins; He empowers redeemed people to live holy, healthy and redemptive lives and attitudes for the generous benefit of all mankind;
5. That God’s redemptive rescue operation on planet earth is directly impacted by missional and proactive involvement of God’s people through healthy local churches.
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