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Rev. R.W. Green
Rev. R.W. Green

Historical Roots of Vincennes Free Methodist Church

Written by Rev. Dr. Michael W. Ewert

The Vincennes Free Methodist Church began as the result of evangelistic revival services held in Vincennes in the summer of 1891. Through these revival services, twelve individuals came to faith in Christ and it was through the commitment of these persons that God gave birth to the Vincennes Free Methodist Church (VFMC), under the leadership of their first pastor, Rev. U. S. Ferguson.

Establishing a Holiness Church in those days was difficult, especially without a building to call their own, but after much prayer and persistence a small building was erected on the corner of Sycamore and N. Fourth Street; dedicated on Nov. 6th, 1894; overseen in those days by Rev. H.J. McKinnel and Rev. H.G. Bachman. VFMC has remained here as a local church ever since, although its facilities have undergone numerous renovations and building additions over these many years.

Its first structure was a very humble, white clapboard structure, featuring a pot-belly stove for heating in the winter. It was replaced with a brick structure built upon the same location in 1927, dedicated by Bishop B.R. Jones and led by Rev. R. W. Green under whose ministry the church greatly increased.

A significant addition was added in 1956 featuring a modern kitchen and indoor plumbing, under the ministry of Rev. F. H. Current. This also included the building of a new church office, youth chapel, fellowship hall and classrooms for its burgeoning Sunday School ministry.

Following this the church grew exponentially under the leadership of Rev. Donald Riggs resulting in increased office space, new classrooms, and an entirely new sanctuary, dedicated on April 11th, 1962. Final additions were made under the ministry of Rev. Reed E. Beard, resulting in library space being built, new offices, and a large Family Life center, dedicated on Oct. 11th 1998 by Supt. David G. Colgan.

The heritage and legacy of the VFMC includes evangelistic impact upon countless men, women, boys and girls, the effective training of numerous leaders in Christian Education, and pastoral ministry throughout the United States and world.

One of our denomination’s goals both nationally and internationally, is the support of global missions, including the building of seven churches in Haiti, the support of similar endeavors in Mexico, San Salvador and the Philippines, and the support of international missions in numerous European countries, including current missions support for works in Thessaloniki and Athens, Greece.